New Leaders Council is building a coalition of leaders from business, finance, media, education, science and technology, politics and government, and the non-profit sector into a progressive network. Until recently the only way to access our progressive entrepreneurship training program was as a Fellow.


 The NLC Training Academy is focused on building communities and training progressives through partnerships and targeted workshops. See below about partnership opportunities and trainings near you.

NLC Training Academy

Strategic Personal Communications

Sharpen your storytelling skills with NLC. This half or full day session is designed to improve interpersonal skills when talking to diverse, or even, adverse constituencies. Partners may choose to add on an on camera component to get your team media ready.

Digital Content and Outreach

All politics is local and with the internet, everyone is local. This half or full day session focuses on digital planning for an organization or campaign specifically targeting and amplification. Full week and weekend digital intensive boot camps are also available and can be tailored to your team or community.

Compliance 101

Starting a non-profit? Launching a campaign? This half day course is for you. NLC facilitators will walk you through important financial and activity compliance issues for your state with a keen eye at avoiding common mistakes. Great for a new campaign manager, finance director, or

executive director.



Resources can make or break an organization or campaign. NLC Training Academy can teach you the skills for power mapping success for in person and online solicitation.


Political Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Let NLC Training Academy help you build a strong team. Our two day leadership retreat focuses on developing your campaign or organization leaders to innovative, collaborative, and rally behind strategic goals.


Emerging Leaders 

This campaign boot camp intensive is perfect for anyone looking to capture all of the NLC Training Academy focus areas with special focus for campaign staffers and potential candidates.


NLC Rural Institute 

This leadership intensive is perfect for communities that face geographic challenges in organizing.  Through work with local change agents, NLC Rural Institute fellows are building progressive infrastructure in even the hardest to reach American locales.

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